Arrival Times

If your program starts at 9:15, be at the picnic tables at 9:10.

If your program starts at 11:10, be at the picnic tables at 11:00.

SPLASH website

Mather Field Preserve has an excellent website with great information about the plants and animals that live in and around vernal pools. If you want to prepare yourself or your students for what they might see here, this is the place to look.


Facilities and Attire

Tell students and parents that they will be walking on dirty and possibly muddy paths, so they should wear appropriate shoes. Much of the trail is not wheelchair accessible. It is narrow and a bit bumpy. There aren’t any drinking fountains or restrooms along the path. Students can eat lunch at the end of the field trip at the picnic tables behind the Roseville Aquatics Complex. There are drinking fountains, and garbage cans near the picnic site. There are restrooms at the back gate of the Aquatics Complex. Teachers/chaperones are responsible for supervising students that are using the restrooms in the pool area. The WNC uses part of a 75 acre nature preserve owned by the City of Roseville. The programs, however, are run by Woodcreek High School science students. The WNC includes 75 vernal pools, a riparian creek surrounded by old Oak trees, a marsh or wetlands area and plenty of grassland with wildflowers. We will be escorting the students through four different microhabitat areas. The students will be walking over a mile along the trail route.