Arrival Times

If your program starts at 9:15, be at the picnic tables at 9:10.

If your program starts at 11:10, be at the picnic tables at 11:00.

SPLASH website

Mather Field Preserve has an excellent website with great information about the plants and animals that live in and around vernal pools. If you want to prepare yourself or your students for what they might see here, this is the place to look.


Grouping Your Students

Trail Groups When we first start the show, we will be dividing you up into two groups. Then when we start the hike we will subdivide the group again into 4 more trail groups. For example, if three classes come together, we will separate them into two groups ( A and B ) of about 30 kids. Each group will go to a different staging area for the sit down part of the program. Then the A and B groups will be further divided into 4 small sub-groups before we go out on our hike . Hence, we will have 8 groups of 7-8 kids each when we are walking the trail. Each of the 8 trail groups should have an adult chaperone. It speeds things up if you have already determined who will be in each group ahead of time.