Arrival Times

If your program starts at 9:15, be at the picnic tables at 9:10.

If your program starts at 11:10, be at the picnic tables at 11:00.

SPLASH website

Mather Field Preserve has an excellent website with great information about the plants and animals that live in and around vernal pools. If you want to prepare yourself or your students for what they might see here, this is the place to look.


Preparations for your Visit

Visiting the WNC is a great way to get your student outside and involved with the natural world around them. We can help you prepare your students for their visit with some downloadable guides and checklists (check the left column).

Students should be prepared for some sun and some wind just about any time of year (it does get breezy out there). Walking shoes and hats are always a good recommendation.

Check the Field Journal document in the download section on this page. It will give your students a framework to help take notes and remember the key ideas and topics.