Arrival Times

If your program starts at 9:15, be at the picnic tables at 9:10.

If your program starts at 11:10, be at the picnic tables at 11:00.

SPLASH website

Mather Field Preserve has an excellent website with great information about the plants and animals that live in and around vernal pools. If you want to prepare yourself or your students for what they might see here, this is the place to look.


Rain, Wind, and Sun

We have done our shows under sprinkles and down pours. Sprinkles we can deal with—bring umbrellas, or rain ponchos/garbage bags. The heavy rain, however, just makes everyone miserable and the animals take cover too, so it is just best to cancel on those days. If rain is in the forecast, you can call me the morning of your tour and we can make a final decision before you head onto the bus. I think we have had one class every year that ends up out on the trail when the sky unloads on us. I sometimes have a couple of dates available for rain makeup days for those that want to reschedule. Windy days can be problematic for the students that are carrying their journals by string or ribbon tied around their necks. The wind can spin the journals over and over until they practically choke the kids. So if it is windy it is probably best to have them carry them in their hands. May can be pretty hot out here in the field and we do not have water fountains along the trail. If it is going to be a scorcher, you might want to arm your parent chaperones with some water bottles and cups. We do carry squirt bottles of water to wet the kids down on those days—they seem to enjoy that!

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call (771-6565 ext. 4501)