Vermicomposting Notes

To help you make your own vermicompost bins we have created an easy to follow set of instructions that you can download below.

We also have the Croc’ Hunters on video showing you mates how to build a bin. Look under the “Keep Reading” prompt to find that video.


Compost Do’s and Don’ts

Do Compost


*Leaves, sawdust, grass clippings

*Shredded paper, newspaper, paper bags


*Tea bags, coffee grounds and filters, egg shells

*Citrus rinds, fruit and veggie trimmings

You want your bin to be about 50% browns and 50% greens!

Don’t Compost

*Meat, bones, or fish

*Dairy products or grease

*Pet waste

*Diseased plants

These could promote the production of disease causing bacteria!